Compiler Explorer - Investigating undefined behavior and optimization in C++

Slides from my October 2019 DC303 talk.

CppCon 2019 Trip Report

Postcard from sunny Aurora, Colorado.

Setting up on a Dell XPS15 9570 with Pop!_OS

Hopefully the act of reading this writeup does not result in the nuking of anyone else's drive partitions or laptop.

Dissecting fidelSolver's Game Bot for Playing Hack*Match

Slides from my December 2018 North Denver Metro C++ Meetup lightning talk.

Building an Arithmetic Logic Unit in Alteryx

Missed the Minecraft rush, was stymied by supply bottlenecks in Factorio, and my Dwarf Fortress collapsed into a pile of rubble. Treading new ground in the sport of "why did you build a CPU there???" was elusive...

GCC Driven Design for the Human Resource Machine

Contracting Godbolt's Compiler Explorer as a "consultant" for the Human Resource Machine.

What's In A Binary? Udacity - Client-Server Communication

Discovering useful open source libraries through string browsing of a Go binary file.

Starting Recommendations for a Beginning Secure Software Practitioner

I passed a cert! But can't talk about it, so let me steer you to related resources instead!

How I Start - C# on Mac OS X

How to get started with solving C# exercises with Xamarin Studio on Mac OS X.


Exploring tricky Cgo situations when working with a simple C library

Conference Backchannels and Information Overload

On social interactions long before meeting face-to-face.

CodeCombat Greed

I lost the (virtual) war and all I got was this (actually pretty neat) E-book.

Understanding Papers the Hard Way

On wandering dangerously close towards delusions of comprehension.

LambdaConf 2014 Resources

Notes on LambdaConf 2014.

Hello World!

On the likelihood of someone stumbling upon this space...